100 years agoIt was payday for Guy Craft and Jack Russel of Myers Cove this week in 1923, thanks to two dogs they purchased on the guarantee that they could catch cougars. Craft and Russell took the dogs out for a hunt, and the hounds performed “as advertised,” treeing two cats and making them easy prey. “Cougars bring a bounty of $50 from the state of Idaho and thus Craft and Russell collected $100 from the state and made $33 from the sale of the two pelts,” wire services reported. (This would be roughly $2,096 in 2023 dollars.) “Cougars, a type of predatory animal especially dangerous to deer, are nearly extinct in Idaho,” the brief story added. Meanwhile, in business news, a Montana company announced this week that it had completed a deal involving 62 million feet of standing timber in the Island Park area. Details on a sawmill at Big Springs would be announced at a later date.

75 years agoThirty Idaho Falls grocers agreed this week to close their stores on Sunday for a three-month trial period. The decision came March 11, 1948, after urging from Mayor E.W. Fanning, T.L. Lloyd, international vice president of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workers Union; Cecil Hart, president of the South Idaho Falls Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and others. According to the Post-Register, the spokesman for the grocery store that sparked the controversy by staying open on Sunday said his management was ready to shut down on the sabbath provided that other stores did likewise. A special committee representing the retail merchants’ bureau then agreed to the three-month trial moratorium.

Paul Menser is the author of “Legendary Locals of Idaho Falls.”

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