Looking back

100 years ago

Ucon got some bad news this week in 1920 with the death of 21-year-old Elmer Cramer, killed by lightning during a severe electrical storm on the evening if Aug. 1. According to the story in the Daily Post, the young man had gone to the river Sunday afternoon to join some friends. When he didn't return home Sunday evening, his family made some calls but presumed he had gone to one of his friends' homes. Only on Monday afternoon did a neighbor phone to say he'd seen Elmer's bicycle near the river. His body was found under a tree where he had evidently sought refuge from the storm. "The lightning had apparently struck his watch, as the chain was completely melted," the report said. "Clutched in his hands were pieces of fishing tackle, indicating that he had been struck down as he was preparing a fishing line. Coroner Dinwoodey was called and brought the body to Idaho Falls. The young man was one of the popular boys of the Ucon community and last year was a freshman at Ricks Academy in Rexburg."

50 years ago

Sacred Heart Hospital on South Boulevard was set to provide free checks for chronic lung disease on Aug. 3 and 4, 1970. Sister Diane Moeller, the hospital administrator, said the Vertex Corp. of Burlington, Vt., had agreed to make a lung function computer available to the hospital for two days. Anyone tested and found to have lung abnormalities would be notified by mail and advised to make an appointment with a physician. "Chronic lung disease such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis are diseases to be feared," Moeller said. "More people have chronic lung disease than any other single disease being treated by the medical profession today."

25 years ago

A high-speed chase through Idaho Falls the afternoon of Aug. 2 ended when a 17-year-old boy drove his car through one yard, clipped a stop sign and crossed Granite Way before coming to rest on the front porch of another house. Police said they first spotted a yellow 1980 Dodge near the Fremont Street on-ramp to U.S. Highway 20. The driver was speeding and did not have a license plate on the vehicle. Police chased the car through the west side of Idaho Falls until it crashed into the porch. Both the driver and a passenger attempted to flee on foot but were collared by police. The driver was charged as a minor with evading a police officer and driving with a suspended license. The passenger was charged with obstructing justice.

Paul Menser is the author of “Legendary Locals of Idaho Falls.”