100 years agoSocial notes from this week in 1923, as recounted by the Salt Lake Tribune (Note: the Tribune once had an Idaho Falls bureau and this sort of thing was standard fare in a daily newspaper): Mrs. Joe Gesas was hostess to the Round Table Club Monday afternoon (Jan. 22) at her home on Twelfth Street. Mrs. H.D. Dunkin and Mrs. Gesas read papers. Mrs. Junkin chose as her subject, “Magazine fiction of today as compared to that of a generation ago.” “Better American Speech” was the subject of Mrs. Gesas’ paper. Twenty members were present. “… The dance given Friday night by the First Ward Mutual Improvement Association of the Mormon church was attended by a large number of members of the organization and their friends. Splendid music was added to the success of the affair. … The W.A. Bradbury home on Ridge Avenue was the scene of an enjoyable party Saturday afternoon of last week when Miss Irene Rice was hostess to the Teachers Club. The afternoon was informal. A color scheme of pink was used on the luncheon table, where a two-course luncheon was served at 5 o’clock. Sweet peas centered the table and cards marked places for Miss Helen Culver, Miss Stella Rogers, Miss Martha Black, Miss Ethel Boyes, Miss Ophard and Mrs. L.E. Fisher. … Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Haroldson, whose marriage was an event of the holiday season, were the complimented guests at a dinner party given Saturday evening of last week by Mrs. Anne Haroldson at her home in St. Leon, near Idaho Falls. Thirty-five guests were bidden to the affair. Among those who attended from Idaho Falls were Mr. and Mrs. George Brunt, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gustafson, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Madison, Mr. and Mrs. A. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Telford, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Webb, Miss Naomi Telford and Frank Taylor.”

75 years agoAbout 100 students enrolled in the KIFI Ski School this week in January 1948 were looking forward to their first class on the white stuff. “Saturday will see little actual skiing done by the students, who have had a couple of sessions at the Idaho Falls armory learning the details of equipment and boning up on ski terms,” the Post-Register reported. Instructor Dan Kelly said the beginners would first learn how to climb up on the slats, then take up the first stages of the snow plow. From there, “the students will move on up the slopes until they are schussing with the best of them.” Students making the Feb. 1 excursion to Pine Basin were to meet at the south entrance of Idaho Falls Senior High School and leave for the slopes at 11 a.m. Private bus transportation (school buses, to be exact) were to be provided free of charge. “Kelly reminded those going that warming shack facilities will be available and said, ‘All the students have to do is bring themselves and their equipment — everything except food will be furnished,’” the paper reported.

Paul Menser is the author of “Legendary Locals of Idaho Falls.”

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