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ALPHA (PG-13)— This tale follows a young boy who is separated from his tribe at the end of an Ice Age. In his travels, he finds a wolf that has been ostracized from his pack and domesticates him, proving dogs are “man’s best friend”.

There are two glittering parades running in tandem through Jon M. Chu’s “Crazy Rich Asians,” a glitzy and delightful adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s 2013 bestseller. One is the blinged-out, designer-label, crazy-rich opulence often characteristic of rom-coms yet extreme enough here to make even C…

Idaho State University will host a variety of entertainment during the 2018-19 “A Season of Note” series, the university announced this week.

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ANT-MAN AND THE WASP (PG-13)— Marvel superheroes Ant-Man and Wasp divulge past secrets while fighting a powerful enemy coined the Ghost.