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Idaho State-Civic Symphony new season begins today

Having stayed rigorously close to his native New York for much of his career, writer-director James Gray has lately been making up for lost time. His last film, “The Lost City of Z,” journeyed into the Amazon, circa early 20th century. His latest, “Ad Astra,” skitters across the solar system…

For the new animated movie “Abominable,” bringing a big city in China to life with accuracy means that even the trash has to look right. Chinese animators collaborating with DreamWorks animators urged them to dump metal trash cans from backdrops because “we don’t have metal trash cans.”

The Greater Yellowstone Crane Festival in Teton Valley features tours, workshops, presentations and film topped off with a community-wide celebration of at the Driggs City Center Plaza. It’s a week-long send-off for the bird about to make its fall migration south.

Centennial Street Party features live music

TORONTO (AP) — As a big-budget original movie made largely with practical effects, “Ford v Ferrari” isn’t so much pointed against headwinds in Hollywood as it is speeding 200 miles-per-hour right into them.

Everything is beautiful in John Crowley’s adaptation of “The Goldfinch,” even the grilled cheese sandwich that a kind stranger makes for a boy who has just lost his mother. It’s easy to get swept up by the refined stateliness surrounding this messy odyssey of grief and trauma. But like its w…

Comedian Todd Johnson to perform in Idaho Falls

Getting in shape and putting your life together usually, at the movies, passes in a montage. But for many, the non-Rocky legions of us, such transformations require more than inspiring theme music and lifting weights in the snow. And for the Brittany (Jillian Bell) of “Brittany Runs a Marath…

The Discographers to play at the Celt

Dumbo to be shown at Movies in the Park

Traditionally, weddings usually lead to some fun and games in the bedroom for the happy and exhausted couple. In the new horror-thriller “Ready or Not,” that’s definitely true — but the games aren’t always fun.

There is a certain mindless pleasure in the “Fallen” movies. Watching Gerard Butler muscle his way through increasingly preposterous obstacles as a Secret Service agent can be amusing and oddly transfixing at the same time. It’s mass entertainment that makes a courtesy stop in theaters befor…

Dylan Jakobsen to sing at Hawkster Listener Lunch

BOGOTÁ, Colombia (AP) — Venezuelan migrant Alexander Beja has spent the last year singing on the streets of Bogotá to an audience of busy commuters who often walk by without paying much attention.

‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ to show at Freeman Park

NEW YORK — Actress Isabela Moner says she didn’t expect so much action when she signed up for “Dora and the Lost City of Gold ,” the upcoming film about the adventurous Latina explorer.

The film adaptation of “The Art of Racing in the Rain” seems to have been designed by algorithm to maximize appeal for a certain demographic of women aged around 30 and up. Let’s take the lovable dad from “This is Us” (Milo Ventimiglia, who happens to have some lasting goodwill from his intr…

‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ showing at McCowin Park

“Be yourself” is a loaded idea for any 17-year-old, but especially for one Luce (pronounced “loose”) Edgar, the title character of director Julius Onah’s riveting adaptation of JC Lee’s play “Luce .”

The daring story of how thousands of beleaguered Ethiopian Jews stranded in refugee camps in Sudan were bravely smuggled to safety in Israel in the 1980s needs little extra drama. Tell that to Netflix.

Movies in the Park showing ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’

Live music featured at Pints for Paws

Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is a soulful if brooding young man, with a very pleasant singing voice. But when we meet him, the fledgling songwriter and supermarket clerk from coastal England feels stuck in the middle of a hard day's night. If he doesn't get any help soon, he'll end up a real no…

Weekend gross / overall gross in millions

Movies in the Park to screen ‘Captain Marvel’ at Freeman Park

CRAWL (2019) (R) — During a hurricane, a father and daughter trapped in their home are forced to survive an onslaught of alligators.

What a spell for sentient toys. A week after the child-crafted plaything Forky found life in “Toy Story 4” and Chucky was reborn in “Child’s Play,” the evil vintage doll of the “Conjuring” spinoff series “Annabelle” is back, too, in “Annabelle Comes Home.” Surely, a tea party must be in the offing.

Peter Parker might be forgiven for craving a vacation as “Spider-Man: Far From Home” begins. After an emotional and strenuous last few movies with the Avengers, a break sounds nice. “I didn’t think I had to save the world this summer,” he complains.

Movies in the Park to show ‘Wreck-it-Ralph’

Would any fictional gadget be more coveted by Hollywood executives than the memory-erasing “Men in Black” neuralyzer? Imagine the lucrative benefits of being able to, with a single flash, make moviegoers forget the film they just saw. Franchises would be endlessly renewable. IP could last forever.