Ketchum announces call for submissions for outdoor sculptureKetchum is asking interested artists to enter a submission to be considered for a chance to have their work be part of an outdoor art exhibition in July 2020. The submission deadline is 5 p.m. Dec. 6. The winning piece will become “…

Portal Cello Project comes to Colonial to play Radiohead homageThe Portland Pocatello Project will perform 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Colonial Theater. This group is set to play a percussion tribute to the band Radiohead. The cellists in the band are classically trained, and Patt King, from the…

Cops might do well to position their speed traps near movie theaters wherever the new film “Ford v Ferrari” is playing. They might fund their whole year’s budget busting speeders peeling out of the parking lots.

Picture this: A princess is in distress. It looks bad. Her dashing young man rides up in the nick of time and says, “Here I am to save you, my dear!” Actually, he doesn’t. He just says, “I’m here. Whaddya need?” She has a plan, and off they go.

Jonathan Lethem’s novel about a private eye with Tourette’s syndrome, “Motherless Brooklyn,” starts with a brilliant burst of uncontrolled profanity and an explanation of its protagonist’s condition.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — As the streaming wars near a fever pitch and viewers are targeted from every vantage point — Disney Plus has the Marvel and Star Wars brands! HBO Max counters with “Game of Thrones” and DC superheroes! — Apple TV Plus could be cast as the highly pedigreed and improbable underdog.

Documentary ‘Kelly’s Hollywood’ to be screened at Colonial

LOS ANGELES (AP) — When Cherokee actor Wes Studi was thinking about moving to Los Angeles to take a shot at being an actor in the 1980s, he asked a friend if it was a good idea. The friend said “why not? There aren’t many Native American actors.”

Big Art Expo comes to St. Anthony Idaho Art Lab

Weekend gross / overall gross in millions

Will Smith is usually an asset for a movie. He’s the kind of true movie star whose charisma can elevate even the most mediocre material. You’d think then that it would be a good thing to have not just one but two Will Smiths in a movie if you can. That was at least part of the idea behind “G…

Brooks Hubbard Band to play at The Celt

The words “inspired by real events” are some of the first you see on screen in “Lucy in the Sky .” But that loose tie to reality becomes more of a noose than a help for the story that director Noah Hawley is trying to tell.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — There may be no such thing as bad publicity, but the spotlight on “Joker” is testing the limits of that old cliche.

The “Downton Abbey “ movie isn’t exactly a movie. It’s more like another season of the popular “Masterpiece Classic” show that’s been condensed to 90 minutes instead of 8 hours.

Renée Zellweger is so undeniably perfect as Judy Garland that it almost makes up for the shortcomings of the film around it. “Judy “ is itself a fine and imperfect look at some of Garland’s last years of life, but it really should have been something transcendent — Zellweger’s performance de…

Weekend gross / overall gross in millions

Idaho State-Civic Symphony new season begins today

Having stayed rigorously close to his native New York for much of his career, writer-director James Gray has lately been making up for lost time. His last film, “The Lost City of Z,” journeyed into the Amazon, circa early 20th century. His latest, “Ad Astra,” skitters across the solar system…

For the new animated movie “Abominable,” bringing a big city in China to life with accuracy means that even the trash has to look right. Chinese animators collaborating with DreamWorks animators urged them to dump metal trash cans from backdrops because “we don’t have metal trash cans.”

The Greater Yellowstone Crane Festival in Teton Valley features tours, workshops, presentations and film topped off with a community-wide celebration of at the Driggs City Center Plaza. It’s a week-long send-off for the bird about to make its fall migration south.

Centennial Street Party features live music

TORONTO (AP) — As a big-budget original movie made largely with practical effects, “Ford v Ferrari” isn’t so much pointed against headwinds in Hollywood as it is speeding 200 miles-per-hour right into them.

Everything is beautiful in John Crowley’s adaptation of “The Goldfinch,” even the grilled cheese sandwich that a kind stranger makes for a boy who has just lost his mother. It’s easy to get swept up by the refined stateliness surrounding this messy odyssey of grief and trauma. But like its w…

Comedian Todd Johnson to perform in Idaho Falls

Getting in shape and putting your life together usually, at the movies, passes in a montage. But for many, the non-Rocky legions of us, such transformations require more than inspiring theme music and lifting weights in the snow. And for the Brittany (Jillian Bell) of “Brittany Runs a Marath…

The Discographers to play at the Celt