Jefferson County

The cutoff points for the different phases were determined by Eastern Idaho Public Health officials as the number of cases per 10,000 residents in each county that could trigger further restrictions. Counties need to have three days where active cases are in a higher risk category before health officials would consider taking the relevant restrictions.

Green is the minimal-risk category. There are no major restrictions in place from EIPH, but residents are encouraged to maintain six feet of social distance when possible are wear masks when distancing is not possible.

Yellow is the moderate-risk category (15 cases per 10,000 residents). EIPH can issue orders to mandate that face coverings are worn in public and limit events or gatherings to 150 people. Health officials can also make recommendations to minimize non-essential travel and order group living facilities to enforce stricter policies to prevent outbreaks.

Light red is the high-risk category (30 cases per 10,000 residents). There are not additional restrictions at this phase but health officials will encourage people to be cautious and strictly follow previous recommendations.