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The Mud Lick, Iron and Haynes fires burning near Salmon have a new foe to contend with in the form of a 1968 Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter that can drop about 2,000 gallons of water in seconds.

Eric and Scott Younger of Ketchum, who use their 432-acre White Cloud Preserve on East Fork Road as part of their non-profit organization Confluence Institute, appealed Custer County commissioners’ decision to not extend their charitable tax-exempt status for the entirety of the $1.6 million…

Even with coronavirus vaccines readily available to all Idahoans, actives cases continue to occur, such as the three reported in Custer County on Monday and one in Butte County.

New evidence showing the delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and may be more dangerous than other versions has prompted U.S. health officials to consider changing advice on how the nation fights the coronavirus, internal documents show.

The Custer County Fair returns to Mackay next week with its usual full schedule after last year’s event was slightly pared down because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mud Lick, Iron and Haynes fires burning near Salmon have a new foe to contend with in the form of a 1968 Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter that can drop about 2,000 gallons of water in seconds.

Custer County Commissioners raised daily and single-use rental fees at the county fairgrounds in Mackay after a July 12 public hearing on the matter.

Auto, dirt bike and all-terrain vehicle drivers generally go too fast as they traverse Smelter Avenue, according to Mackay residents who spoke at their council's July 13 meeting. And they want the Custer County Sheriff's Office to do something about it.

Daybell Disappearance

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Getting the film footage documenting the 850-mile migration of salmon from the Oregon coast to central Idaho looked to be in serious jeopardy after Kris Millgate nearly destroyed her main camera 200 miles into the trip.

Jessica Sheehan Zettel of Challis placed fourth in the women's 108K race in the June 19 River of No Return Endurance Runs with a time of 17:05:01. She was the only Challis resident to complete the 67-mile race.

Every record previously set in the River of No Return Endurance Runs in both women’s and men’s divisions were broken last weekend, with the first two men in the 108K race beating the previous best time.

More steelhead have returned to the Lochsa River in Idaho so far this year than the past three years on average, which Fish and Game Biologist Marika Dobos said is an encouraging example for the state.

A sportsman visited the Salmon Fish and Game office in late May with a video and still photographs he wanted the local biologists to see. He thought he had images of a grizzly bear in an area they normally aren’t seen: In Idaho just southeast of Salmon.

Mackay students will now pay $200 to take driving lessons, and for the first time, people who don’t attend school in the district can pay $275 to join them.

For $95,000 a year, plus a mileage reimbursement when she uses her auto to conduct official school business outside the district, Lani Rembelski will continue to work as the Challis schools superintendent and elementary school principal.

Mackay Principal Stephanie Green said it was fitting the senior class of 2021 chose “We Made It” as their graduation quote, considering everything they had to go through to get to the May 17 ceremony.

Temperature checks will no longer be required and face coverings are just recommended in the Mackay School District after board members approved changes to their COVID-19 response plan at their May 10 meeting.

Masks and hand sanitizer will be available at the Challis High School graduation ceremony, scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday, May 23 in the gym. No COVID-19 restrictions will be in place.

Gyer and Latimer plan weddingJason Gyer and Brenda Gyer and Kathleen Latimer and the late E.L. Latimer announce the engagement of Taylor Gyer and Kaleb Latimer.

Challis grad completes trainingPvt. Erik Rose completed U.S. Army advanced infantry training at Fort Benning, Georgia, on Jan. 22.

Blood drives set in SalmonPeople have the opportunity to donate blood at two blood drives in Salmon next week.

Sorority selects valentine queenPeggy Redick of Challis has been chosen the 2021 valentine queen for the Beta Phi Sorority.