Things really heated up in Challis last weekend with record temperatures above 100 degrees that along with red flag conditions of dryness, wind and lots of dead timber, fueled explosive growth of the Rabbit Foot Fire to more than 23,000 acres .

Salmon-Challis National Forest managers are taking advantage of fire crews stationed at Indian Creek Guard Station to remove fuels and make the guard station and private homes in the Pistol Creek subdivision more resistant to wildfire in the shadow of the 15,437-acre Kiwah Fire, which is bur…

Idaho's adjusted unemployment rate remained at 2.9 percent in June, continuing a trend of below 3 percent for the 10th straight month.

A Filer man was sentenced to four years of probation on an aggravated battery charge for beating up two Stanley men last year, one at a bar and another when that man later tried to subdue him at a motel.

A rare and distinct population of Chinook salmon began spawning this week, prompting a plea from local outfitters for boaters to steer clear of the spawning areas.