With only a few more percentage points to go as of May 28, Custer County residents are nearly 40 percent fully vaccinated from the coronavirus, which is half of what health officials want to reach by September.

According to www.coronavirus.idaho.gov, 36.4 percent of Custer residents have been fully vaccinated and 39.4 percent have received their first shot in a two-dose series. In neighboring Lemhi County, 37.6 percent of people are fully vaccinated from COVID-19 and 40.6 are halfway there. As for Butte County, 34.3 percent of residents are vaccinated and 37.2 percent have one dose to go.

Hoping to have 80 percent of all Idahoans fully vaccinated by the end of summer, state health officials are 39 percent of the way there with children 12-17, 42.9 percent with adults 18-64 and 71 percent with people 65 and older.

As for Idahoans who have received one dose in a two-dose series, 44.4 percent of residents 12-17 have gotten their first shot. As for adults and seniors in Idaho who have taken the first step to be fully vaccinated, the numbers are 47.9 percent and 74.9 percent, respectively.

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