The death count from the coronavirus in Lemhi County increased to 7 at the end of the day Wednesday, Nov. 18.

And Idaho exceeded 800 deaths on Wednesday, with a statewide count of 812 deaths. It took just eight days for Idaho to increase from 700 to 800 deaths. The first death in Idaho was reported March 22, after the first two cases of the virus in the state were confirmed on March 13. Idaho recorded death No. 100 on July 9. Death No. 200 came on Aug. 3. No. 300 was hit on Aug. 21. No. 400 was exceeded on Sept. 9, No. 500 came on Oct. 7. No. 600 came Oct. 29 and No. 700 was surpassed on Nov. 10, before No. 800 was topped Nov. 18.

Through the end of the day Wednesday, the state health department reported a total of 86,435 people have been confirmed with the virus since March.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare reported Wednesday that 608,512 tests have been conducted on 440,355 people in Idaho.

Of the total count, health department officials report 36,339 people have recovered from the virus while 3,312 were ever hospitalized, including 635 who spent time in intensive care units. The number of health care workers infected with COVID now stands at 4,636. And, six children have been confirmed with cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome. Another 4,735 people are classified as asymptomatic in Idaho.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little moved the state back to Stage 2 of the reopening plan last week as numbers skyrocket daily across the state, stretching the resources of health care facilities. In Stage 2, gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited, except for religious or political groups and schools. No businesses are required to close in Stage 2, but bars and restaurants must require patrons to remain seated at least 6 feet apart. 

Custer County has 125 total cases, according to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, of which 14 are active cases. One death has been confirmed in Custer County. Custer County is in the minimal-risk category for transmission. Lemhi County has 26 active cases from its total of 407 cases. Seven Lemhi County residents have died from the virus. It is listed in the critical category. Butte County's tally stood at 6 active cases on Wednesday, according to Southeastern Idaho Public Health, with 117 total cases. It's in the high-risk category, as is every county in that health district.

Custer reported its first case on March 25; the second on March 30; numbers three, four and five on June 24, 25 and 27; one more on July 11; another on July 25, two on Aug. 5, one on Aug. 11, three on Aug. 18, one on Aug. 26, 10 on Aug. 27, two on Aug. 28, one on Aug. 31, one on Sept. 1, five on Sept. 2, one on Sept. 3, one on Sept. 4, one on Sept. 10, nine on Sept. 11, one on Sept. 17, two on Sept. 21, three on Sept. 24, one on Sept. 25, two on Sept. 26, two on Sept. 29; three on Sept. 30; one on Oct. 2, two on Oct. 6; three on Oct. 7; two on Oct. 9; one on Oct. 10; two on Oct. 13; seven on Oct. 14; two on Oct. 15; one on Oct. 16; one on Oct. 17; one on Oct. 22; one on Oct. 24; one on Oct. 28; one on Oct. 31; two on Nov. 1; one on Nov. 3; two on Nov. 4; two on Nov. 5; five on Nov. 10; two on Nov. 11; seven on Nov. 12; one on Nov. 13; one on Nov. 14; one on Nov. 16 and six on Nov. 18. Not all the cases are accounted for on the health district website.

Ada County continues to have the highest death and case counts — 215, with 22,316 cases. Canyon County has 132 deaths and 13,000 cases. Bonneville County stays in the third spot with 6,413 cases and 53 deaths. Kootenai County’s tally is 6,221 cases and 66 deaths. Twin Falls County reports 6,102 cases and 75 deaths. Bannock County has 3,597 cases and 25 deaths. Madison County has 3,544 cases and 7 deaths. Bingham County has 2,273 cases and 27 deaths.

Nez Perce County has 1,934 cases and 27 deaths.Cassia County reports 1,925 cases and 15 deaths. Jerome County has 1,693 cases and 11 deaths. In Minidoka County the tally is 1,585 cases and 13 deaths. Latah County reports 1,486 cases and 1 death. Payette has 1,410 cases and 13 deaths. The count in Jefferson County is 1,333 with 10 deaths. In Blaine County, 1,148 people have been confirmed with the virus and 7 people have died.

The count in Gooding County is 862 with 9 deaths. Bonner County has 789 cases and 3 deaths. Elmore County has 775 cases and 5 deaths. Gem County reports 668 cases and 5 deaths. Fremont County has 633 cases and 7 deaths. Washington County reports 632 cases and 10 deaths.

Idaho County's tally is 581 cases and 5 deaths. Franklin tallies 543 cases and 4 deaths. Owyhee County is at 518 cases and 5 deaths. In Teton County, there are 461 cases and 2 deaths. Shoshone stands at 425 cases and 22 deaths. Power County has 421 cases and 4 deaths. Lemhi County has 407 cases and 7 deaths.

In Caribou County, the total case number is 391 with 8 deaths. Clearwater County reports 329 cases. Lincoln County has 322 cases and 8 deaths. Boundary stands at 304 cases and 1 death.

Benewah is at 228 cases and 3 deaths. Valley County reports 202 cases and 1 death. Lewis County has 158 cases and 3 deaths. In Bear Lake County, 153 cases have been confirmed and 1 death. Custer County has 125 cases and 1 death. Boise County reports 119 cases. In Butte County, 116 cases are confirmed. Oneida stands at 110 cases.

Just three counties have fewer than 100 cases reported. Adams County has 86 cases and 2 deaths. Camas County has 51 cases and Clark County stands at 47 cases. 

Idaho health officials count only residents of a county who test positive, not visitors to any county or the state. People who get tested in one county and live in another county show up on the tally of their home county. 

In East Idaho, people may call the coronavirus hotline at 208-522-0310 or 855-533-3160 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to have questions about the virus answered. Emails may be sent to The state health department’s COVID-19 hotline number is 888-330-3010. A separate hotline for people feeling stressed by COVID-19 has also been set up. People can call or text 986-867-1073 or toll-free 866-947-5186 to get assistance finding help for their particular issues.

The health department recommends wearing masks and maintaining at least 6 feet distance from other people who don't live in the same home. People are reminded to frequently disinfect areas that are commonly touched and to wash their hands often for at least 20 seconds.