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Four cases of the coronavirus had been confirmed within the Mackay School District as of Dec. 3, prompting district personnel to send multiple students home to learn.

“I just know somebody with symptoms came to the school and spread something,” Mackay schools Superintendent Susan Buescher said. According to her, most of the cases were found in the high school, where one student tested positive.

Updating people through the school district’s website, school officials posted that three people had been confirmed with the virus Nov. 23, necessitating 19 students learn from home through Nov. 30. That day, the number of confirmed cases dropped to one, and 13 students were asked to quarantine till Dec. 14, the Monday before winter break begins in Mackay.

On Dec. 1, district workers found two more confirmed cases and one probable case, which Buescher later said turned out to be a confirmed case.

Buescher said that was the final case school officials have found in recent weeks. Managing to go most of the semester virus-free, Mackay school workers were quick to respond to the positive cases.

“It’s been a heck of a day,” Principal Stephanie Green said Nov. 30.

Green said she had spent the day coordinating with staff and students on what the recent spike in positive cases means for learning, winter break, sports and other school functions. The first priority is the students, Green said. Thankfully, she said, teachers have mostly become accustomed to remote learning and don’t mind staying in regular contact with quarantined students.

“They’ve just been perfect,” Green said.

Buescher said the outbreak in the district is unfortunate because of the impact on students who aren’t presenting COVID-19 symptoms. It’s unfair to them to require them to learn remotely because someone else is sick, she said. That’s why it’s important people take preventive measures seriously.

“People got to keep wearing those masks,” she said.