REXBURG — The first time the teenaged paratrooper Verlan Lauder from Rexburg touched French soil it was in a pigsty after falling from the sky and bouncing off a barn about 3 a.m. It was June 6, 1944, D-Day.

The vision is a 180-mile-long separated trail from West Yellowstone, Montana, through the Teton Valley, over Teton Pass and deep into Grand Teton National Park. But like an uncompleted puzzle game, several elusive key pieces are missing and still being worked out.

BLACKFOOT — There’s a magical place about 14 miles west of Blackfoot and a mile or so off U.S. Highway 39 on Liberty Road that’s likely to make you feel refreshed and happy.

BOISE (AP) — It’s the perfect time of year for morel mushrooms to start springing up in Idaho as soil temperatures warm, and already competition to find the tasty, coveted fungi is heating up.

Stanley’s annual winterfest had fewer spectators, a lot more snow and more variable weather both in Sawtooth Valley and surrounding areas this year than a year ago.

Locals turned out in a big way to help boost the coffers of the Challis Senior Citizens at the group’s annual fundraising dinner, auction and dance.

John and Charlotte Miller of Challis have been very busy folks getting organized for a huge class reunion and having a few family members come to visit.

Poppies were blooming at their peak in a Challis backyard on a recent afternoon as May gave way to June. In the background are the cliffs above town and a few of the many rain clouds that have been scudding through Round Valley this spring.

Lilacs bloom in a Challis yard next to a smelter pot formerly owned by John Ivie. His family isn’t sure where this piece of Custer County mining history came from but said it’s too heavy to move so it remains a fixture in the backyard.

Sparks from a power saw being used to cut metal reignited debris last Friday in the old Challis Mormon church now owned by Wayne Davis. The church burned last November and Davis is salvaging parts of it. Charred wood has an ignition temperature 100 degrees Fahrenheit below that of unburned w…

Challis Lions Club members Tommy Gionet and Tom Johnson weed the flower beds at William Cobbley Senior Citizens Center after lunch on a recent Friday. The Lions Club recently won a statewide award for signing up new members and for the number of civic improvement projects it does around Challis.

Travis Quast. Name sound familiar? I think not, but he is the new publisher for our own Challis Messenger. He came for a visit and was in awe of our town and loved it. He was born and raised in Burley. I have to say I was impressed with this accomplished man. He loves Idaho, he understands t…

A new sign on U.S. Highway 93 south of Challis points visitors to the newly remodeled North Custer Museum just a block off U.S. Highway 93 up Main.

Emarie Thayn gets one hand up into Custer County Sheriff’s Marine Deputy John Haugh’s patrol boat, while Kennady Hill gets a hand up from Haugh and teacher Dina Fisher. Waiting his turn for the boat tour is Cyzer Zollinger. Haugh presented water safety information to preschool, kindergarten …

Once again we are getting ready to send a high school graduating class out into the world. And, oh, what a world. It can be scary, beautiful, easy and downright difficult, but I hope each and every member of the class of 2018 finds what it is in this world that helps them to have a productiv…