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Kim Schwenke began work as the city of Challis deputy clerk in late June. She replaced Kathie Newland, who left the post a few months ago.

Happy to have a job with a comfy office chair, Kim Schwenke joined the Challis city payroll in late June as the new deputy clerk.

Assisting City Clerk Savannah Pedersen while also covering the front desk, Schwenke said she enjoys the work. Still getting used to her first desk job, Schwenke said the strangest part has been the shift to a more relaxed atmosphere. Schwenke's most recent job at Diamond Peak Health Care meant she was usually on her feet. She said the elder care facility recently closed because of a lack of employees, disappointing to her because she liked taking care of the residents.

Wasting no time looking for new employment, Schwenke applied to the city after a short job search. Mayor Mike Barrett said the closure of Diamond Peak was unfortunate, but it created a pool of qualified people in Challis who need jobs. The first time the position was posted after former deputy clerk Kathie Newland left, no one applied, Barrett said. After Diamond Peak closed, the mayor said they advertised the job again and were able to interview three applicants. 

"Savannah was on her own for about two and a half months," Barrett said. "It's nice she has that support again."

Barrett said Schwenke fits in well at City Hall. A big part of working the front desk is being friendly and helpful, according to Barrett, along with typical administrative work. Schwenke is proving to be useful in both regards, Barrett said.

Still getting the hang of the city's software programs, Schwenke said she's sure she'll have it figured out soon and she's ready to be the first person visitors to City Hall interact with. 

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