Science teacher Chuck Charlton, on right, oversees 11th-grade Advanced Biology students Sheri Ashby (with shovel), Jeff Smith (with screen) and Jeremiah Slominski (with bucket) as they collect samples from the Salmon River.


Oct. 13, 1994

n Drug and alcohol use among Challis Junior-Senior High School students has decreased in the past three years, according to a survey conducted by Guidance Counselor Pat Weber in the winter of 1993. She presented results of the survey to the Challis Joint School District No. 181 board of trustees at their regular meeting Monday, Oct. 10.

Results reflected the use of alcohol and drugs in grades seven through 11, specific types of alcohol and drugs used, alcohol and drug use among peers and responses to drug education programs.

n The Forest Service is proposing a number of improvements to one of the oldest visitor centers in the National Forest system, the Redfish Lake Visitor Center. The public is cordially invited to participate in this effort. Alternatives being considered include renovating the existing visitor center and nearby amphitheater and constructing a new facility.

The Redfish Visitor Center was constructed in 1963 and is the oldest visitor center in the National Forest system still in operation in the lower 48 states. The exhibits are also 30 years old and badly outdated, according to officials. The Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center in Alaska (currently undergoing extensive renovation) is the oldest visitor center the Forest Service manages.

n Customers in the communities of Arco, Challis, Mackay, Moore and Howe may experience an intermittent disruption of of long distance service as U.S. WEST Communications completes work on the alternate fiber optic cable. With the completion of this alternate route, if the fiber cable becomes damaged, U.S. WEST will be able to reroute long distance calls to another fiber optic line.


Oct. 16, 1969

n The U-Make-It Hobby Shop held its grand opening Friday, Oct. 10. Coffee and doughnuts were served and visitors were requested to register their favorite hobbies. The new shop handles supplies for arts and crafts. If enough interest is generated, classes are planned.

On display in the new store were handicraft items made by children and adults in the area. This is the second new business to open in Challis in the last two weeks.

n Cora Lee McGuire, Patty Wheeler, Connie Hawks, Barbara Millick and Kip Edge were five of the 260 high school seniors who attended an all-expense-paid trip to Moscow as guests of the university. The purpose of the trip was to acquaint the students with the campus and curriculum.

n On Friday, October 10, at 4:55 p.m. An accident occurred 2.8 miles east of Challis on U.S. 93A. A vehicle going west went across the center line and onto the left shoulder. The vehicle went back across the highway, turned over and came to rest on its roof. The driver and the three passengers were taken to Steele Memorial Hospital and Lost Rivers Hospital with injuries.

Another accident on Friday, October 10, occurred on Morgan Creek Road at 10:20 p.m. About four miles north of U.S. 93. A vehicle heading east met a vehicle heading west. The westbound vehicle pulled off the road as far as possible but was hit by the other vehicle in passing. There were no injuries and total damage was estimated at $400.


Oct. 18, 1944

n A communication from the United States Treasury department to The Messenger just received states that the Sixth War Bond Drive will be be opened November 20 and will continue until December 16th. In that time the goal of money to be raised has been placed at fourteen billion dollars. Of this amount, five billion is to be raised by individuals.

n The Second War Fund Drive is now underway all over the nation and, as before, it is expected that Custer county people will do their full share and that Custer County will go “Over the Top.” The county quota is $2,200.

n Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bradbury have recently received a letter from their son, Lt. Lawrence Bradbury, in which he stated that he had arrived safely in France and is now located in that country, where he is serving with the U.S. Army. Lieutenant Bradbury had been training in the states for some time before going overseas. He stated in the letter that he was getting along fine.

n In a letter received by Mrs. Kate Cameron a few days ago from Mrs. Jack Keyes, Mrs. Keyes said:

“I thought you’d be interested in what Jack told me in a letter I received from him today. He’s in New Guinea and said he was walking down a road and who should he run into but Duncan Cameron. He said he was sure tickled to run into someone from home. He said they talked for an hour or so. Then Duncan came to see him the next night and they talked over old times for a few hours.

“I’m so glad they got together. It’ll be nice for both of them. He said he’d be seeing him some more.”


Oct. 15, 1919

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