Breakfast includes fruit, milk and juice. Lunch includes milk and fruit

Thursday, Jan. 14

Breakfast: Cereal, toast, yogurt. Lunch: Meatballs, garlic breadstick, mashed potatoes, green beans,

Monday, Jan. 18

Breakfast: Sausage sandwich, yogurt. Lunch: Nuggets, tater tots, green beans, cookie

Tuesday, Jan. 19

Breakfast: Taco, yogurt. Lunch: Chicken wraps, diced potatoes, carrots, graham crackers

Wednesday, Jan. 20

Breakfast: PB&J. Lunch: Ravioli, breadstick, salad, cucumbers


Lunch is carry-out only. Pick up lunch at the senior center door at noon or order meals for delivery. Call 208-879-6338 to order meals.

Friday, Jan. 15

Chicken, cabbage salad, fruit

Monday, Jan. 18

Turkey and rice soup, coleslaw, garlic toast

Wednesday, Jan. 20

Baked chili cheese dogs, green beans, fruit