Cindy Sims, a Challis High School graduate and the current occupational safety and health manager at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, received the Civilian Service Commendation Medal for her work during the coronavirus pandemic.

“She was raised on a ranch, so she knew about hard work before she left for college,” Challis resident and proud father, Mike Cutler, said.

According to Cutler and the certificate that came with the medal, Sims was key in the naval shipyard’s response to the pandemic. The certificate said although problems that were out of her scope of expertise presented themselves, Sims “resolutely fielded the incoming, assigned the tasks, kept her staff engaged and challenged without overwhelming them and kept upper management informed.”

Her superiors honored Sims because she rapidly developed health and safety requirements and promptly responded to workers’ concerns about the virus.

“She was very instrumental in keeping the shipyard working,” Cutler said.

Medals like this are fairly rare, Cutler said, and it’s good that his daughter is getting recognition. When she first joined the shipyard right out of college in 1987, Cutler said he knew she would do well there.

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