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Custer County Commissioners Steve Smith and Randy Corgatelli thanked former county Planning and Zoning Chairman James Mullin for his 14 years of volunteer service on the commission. Mullin helped write the county’s planning and zoning ordinance in 2005 and retired from the chairman post in 2019.

After helping establish planning and zoning ordinances for Custer County in 2005, and looking after those regulations until 2019, former county planning and zoning commission Chairman James Mullin of Challis was honored by county officials last week.

“You spent countless hours working,” Commissioner Steve Smith said as he handed Mullin a plaque. “We owe you so much.”

County Planning and Zoning Administrator Christy Foster said Mullin was influential when the planning and zoning commission was created. He brought years of experience with him to the board, she said, and it was all made sweeter by the fact he volunteered his time.

“With his knowledge and willingness to help, he was a godsend,” Foster said.

Foster said in the six years she’s worked in planning and zoning, there wasn’t a time she refused Mullin’s help. From beginning to end, she said, he was a monument of support.

“He was the one person who really got me on my feet,” Foster said.

As he received his plaque, Mullin seemed more excited about the jacket that came with it. As the jacket, which bears a county seal, slipped over Mullin’s shoulders, he said he looks forward to wearing it during all the free time he has now.