With the merger of Jervois Mining and eCobalt, Jervois officials said in a news release they expect to be selling cobalt mined at the shuttered Idaho Cobalt Project in Lemhi County by 2021.

Jervois must first update a feasibility study for the Morgan Creek-area project, the release states.

Part of that effort includes completing a scoping study to evaluate opening a refinery at Blackfoot to process the concentrates mined near Salmon, the release states.

“A domestic United States refinery will improve project economics, increase investment and skilled job creation in Idaho and also enhance the security of United States cobalt supply,” the release states. But, it states, “the refinery requires further study and permitting.”

A scoping and feasibility study are both expected to be completed next year, Jervois officials wrote. That will immediately be followed by obtaining financing, beginning construction and opening the mine with the first commercial production finished by the second half of 2021.

Plans call for infill and exploration drilling to begin this month, the release states, although it does not clarify if any people have been hired to do that work.

Once the mine is open, 180 jobs will be created, Jervois officials wrote, with additional jobs at the refinery in Blackfoot.

Jervois is an Australian company.