Challis students return to their classrooms on Monday, Aug. 26, for a full day of school.

Superintendent Lani Rembelski reminds drivers that school buses will be dropping students off at the schools from about 7:50 to 8:10 a.m. and leaving the schools between 4:10 and 4:30 p.m. to take them home each day. School is in session Mondays through Thursdays. Parents who pick their children up at Challis Elementary are reminded to use the correct method, which is to drive up the road past the high school. The gate is open at the end of the school day so vehicles can get in, Rembelski said. That route “allows for better safety,” she said.

Sixth-graders will follow a new schedule this year, she said, in which they spend the morning at the elementary building, walk over to the high school for their last three class periods and return to the elementary building for dismissal.

It’s designed to let sixth-graders “get their toes in the water and see what it’s like” at Challis High School before they attend classes in the junior-senior high building as seventh-graders. CHS houses youths in grades 7-12.

Sixth-graders won’t share hallways with older students, she said. And, their homeroom teachers will be with them for two class periods each day. The sixth-graders get to choose an elective for their third afternoon class period which will be taught by a junior or senior high instructor as they begin their transition to junior high.

New teachers will be at Challis Elementary next week. Cassandra Barnes and Kyah Piva are teaching sixth grade. Piva has taught at the school previously. Brityn Smith was hired as a half-time instructor, teaching music to elementary students and choir at the high school. Shanna Lammers was hired as the new secretary at the elementary school.

At the junior-senior high school, Todd Dixon was hired as the new athletic director. Dawni Kissler is the new special education teacher. Shanna Pederson was hired as a junior high science and art teacher and Jamie Davis is the new secretary.

Bill Bradshaw was hired as the CHS wrestling coach, Tom Coates as the assistant boys basketball coach and Jacquel Bruno as the assistant girls basketball coach. Jackie Ingram was hired as a mentor for teachers at the junior and senior high school.

The career and technical education program at Challis High School was expanded with the addition of Cherie Strand to the department, Rembelski said. Strand will teach the health science portion of that program. Jennifer Piva and Tom Coates teach in that division as well.

Enrollment is hovering at about 320 students, split nearly evenly between the two buildings, Rembelski said. That’s a comparable number to the school year that ended in May.

Rembelski is excited to implement a new program at CHS this fall after two Challis students attended a summer training in the positive behavior intervention support program.