After about 13 years work with the city of Challis, former City Clerk and Treasurer Colleen Engle left City Hall to work elsewhere.

“You should always have a concession plan,” Mayor Mike Barrett said about Engle leaving. She left on good terms to move to Salmon, closer to her family. Deputy Clerk Savannah Pedersen has stepped into Engle’s shoes.

“There’s been a few hiccups, but she’s getting the hang of it,” Barrett said of Pedersen.

Pedersen joined the city staff in 2017. She assumed the role of city clerk the first week of July.

“We made the conscious effort to make sure Savannah knew payroll, that she knew the accounts and everything else she would need to know to step into that role,” Barrett said.

An opponent to compartmentalization, Barrett said the reason he had Engle and Pedersen cross-train was in case something like this happened. With only two employees working in City Hall most of the time, Barrett said all it would take is one person to be out for a while for things to slow down.

Pedersen will work as interim city clerk indefinitely, the mayor said. He would like to see her officially take the job, but said that won’t happen until fall.