Once Challis city workers Cameron Davis and Alex Sarinana finish getting the clear well up and running this month, Mayor Mike Barrett said they’ll focus more on sweeping streets and fixing potholes.

“We’re going to start with the side streets,” Barrett said of the street-sweeping plan. “After we wash Main, we’ll sweep that as well.”

Main will get its washdown once city workers finish flushing the clear well block-by-block in Challis this week, Barrett said. Fire hydrants will flow water onto Main, clearing away dirt and debris.

City workers have been slowly ramping up the gallons per minute put through the clear well, and Barrett said it will be running at about 500 gallons this week. The clear well will run at about 1,100 gallons per minute within a month, according to Barrett.

There’s a long list of potholes to repair, including on Clinic Road, 11th Street, 10th Street, Apex Lane and around the Challis Public Library. City workers began patching holes about a month ago, Barrett said. Chip-sealing of streets will also begin in May.

Barrett is pleased the two seasonal workers are working Fridays now. The student workers will work full weeks this summer, mowing lawns and helping with maintenance, which Barrett said will give Sarinana and Davis time to focus on bigger projects.

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