Forty-five girls and five boys from Challis Tumble and Dance, trained by two coaches and two assistant coaches, participated in a tumbling and dance performance last week.

There were 23 girls and one boy in first- through sixth-grades plus 22 girls and four boys ages 3-6, said Challis Tumble and Dance coach and Director Brandi Jo Bennetts.

Bennetts, along with fellow coach Paige Cahoon and assistant coaches Lisa Banks and Emilee Fife, trained the youngsters in some basic tumbling and dance moves for the last several weeks. The older kids learned cartwheels and walkovers, front and back handsprings, round offs, head- and handstands and to walk on their hands, while the little ones learned donkey kicks and forward rolls.

The goal of the tumbling and dance program is to teach coordination and basic tumbling and dance moves to youngsters and give them a positive outlet for their energy, said Bennetts.

A new group did one dance performance. Girls of the Challis Dance Group, coached by Rachel Bulkley and Denay Phelps, helped score wrestling matches and the group is looking for more community service projects, Phelps said. Bulkley and Phelps started Challis Dance Group late last year and half a dozen girls practice three afternoons a week, at the RERC Fitness Center. It’s a separate group from Challis Tumble and Dance and is open to boys and girls in grades 5 through 12.

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