city snowplow 1.8

Challis city worker Cameron Davis pushed snow into a pile on Main Street last week so it could be loaded into a truck driven by co-worker Alex Sarinana.

At the start of the new calendar year, snow removal efforts in Challis were on track to generally align with the amount of money budgeted for the work, Challis Mayor Mike Barrett said.

City employees plowed and removed a bit less snow in November than they have in some years, Barrett said. Plenty of December snow sent them to the streets, essentially catching up expenses to where the mayor expected them to be.

Barrett and City Council members build a little extra money into the city’s snow removal budget in the event there’s a repeat of the winter of 2016-17, he said. The hope is to be able to carry that money over every year because snowfall wasn’t extreme.

Barrett reminds residents that city workers start plowing Main Street and major through streets, including 10th and Seventh streets, early in the morning of a big snowfall, around 4:30 a.m.. Next on the plan is to clear snow near the schools and the medical clinic. Efforts then move to side streets throughout the city.

Workers plow as close to the curb as they can on every street, but parked vehicles prevent the plow from clearing every street entirely, he said. Challis officials have chosen to not implement mandatory off-street parking on snow days, as is the case in some cities, but that means snow can’t be moved from around parked vehicles, he pointed out.

Snow is trucked off Main and some side streets to multiple locations around the city, Barrett said. The city workers haul to the nearest dead-end street or to city land on Clinic Road.