Andrew Fosbinder said the biggest issue facing the city of Stanley is housing for year-round residents.

Fosbinder is challenging Austin Clegg for a four-year term on the Stanley City Council because he believes the price of real estate in the city is too high and would like to see measures taken to drop the price of housing. Fosbinder said he doesn't think it's right people buy property in town and only use it a few weeks each year.

"There isn't much for us here, especially in the winter," said Fosbinder. "I think people who work and live in Stanley should take priority."

Fosbinder said if elected he will continue plans the council has made to address housing. He thinks an option is continued discussion of tiny homes. In 2018 the Stanley City Council passed new zoning regulations that allow houses smaller than 400 feet to be constructed in the city. Fosbinder said tiny homes could be a resolution to Stanley's housing problem, but first the city needs to have the land for construction. He would accomplish this by zoning more land for housing and dropping the price to make it more affordable.

Fosbinder wants locals to keep control of the economy in Stanley. He is opposed to large corporations coming into the city and said what makes Stanley special is its thriving small businesses. 

As for resource management, Fosbinder believes "local resources should remain in local hands."

Fosbinder wants to keep Stanley's year-round community involved. He said input from community members will make the city better and he is willing to take input to the council. 

"Working at Mountain Village, I try to make it better by listening to what people I work with and people who stay there have to say," Fosbinder said. "I take that input and try to make the resort a better business. I think I could do the same by listening to locals to make Stanley better."