Fees for Idaho driver’s licenses, identification cards and tests increased July 1, when the new law approved by state legislators took effect.

Most fees increased by $5 and the fee for the knowledge test increased by $2. That fee is now $5 total.

The higher fees were implemented, according to the Idaho Transportation Department, to offset administrative costs. The fees haven’t been increased in more than 30 years.

New fees are:

n Class D 3-year license, people up to age 21 — $30

n Class D 1-year license for 17- or 20-year-olds — $20

n Class D 4-year license — $35

n Class D 8-year license — $60

n Class D instruction permit — $20

n Duplicate driver’s license — $20

n Classification upgrade — $30

n Seasonal driver’s license — $44

n 4-year ID card — $15

n 8-year ID card — $25

Two other new Idaho laws that affect the transportation department are also now in effect.

One allows for Idaho auto dealers to register auto purchases so people don’t have to go take care of that process themselves at a county assessor’s office. That process isn’t yet in place, but ITD officials said it will be by the end of 2021.

The other bill allows people whose driver’s licenses have been suspended for failing to pay child support to ask the court for a temporary, restricted driver’s license, intended to allow the people to get to work so they can pay child support.

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