A box of century-old dynamite was found near Seven-Mile Canyon outside Salmon by a hiker who was on land administered by the Bureau of Land Management.

The hiker just happens to work for the Forest Service and reported the find to the BLM. Two BLM employees headed out to check on the explosives, according to a news release from the BLM. Getting there wasn’t easy. Bad weather meant the employees had to use a UTV fitted with snow tracks.

When they arrived, they found “an ancient case of explosives, possibly up to 100 years old,” the release stated. The weathered wood case actually held 40 sticks of 65-year-old viable dynamite. The case had been hidden in a rock outcropping, but the wood disintegrated, exposing the contents.

BLM staffers think the dynamite was left behind after road construction associated with past mining operations.

Personnel from the Forest Service, Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office and BLM determined the safest way to deal with the explosives was to destroy them onsite. After securing the area, a minimal amount of explosive material was placed near the dynamite and detonated, destroying the old explosives, the BLM reported.