Proud Source Water and K Squared Construction employees could have new housing options in Mackay once recently permitted apartments are built in  Industrial Park.

K Squared Construction owner Kelvin Krosch said it will take four to six months to construct six studio apartments. Breaking ground on the project this week, Krosch said the apartments are meant to ease the stress caused by one of the biggest problems facing Mackay -- inadequate housing.

"Housing has always been an issue here," Krosch said. When he went before City Council members to receive his building permits, he said limited living options for his employees was one of the biggest factors holding his companies back.

People want to live and work in Mackay, but Krosch said there aren't enough affordable options. Krosch said some of his in-town workers for the bottled water and construction companies rent homes with three or four roommates. And, 10 of  his employees drive from Challis their jobs.

With part of the reason he co-founded K Squared being to address the housing issue in his hometown, Krosch is anxious to see employees move into the apartments. While employees will be prioritized when it comes to filling them, Krosch said the idea of also letting other people rent apartments is being entertained.

When he received his permit, Mayor Wayne Olsen told Krosch the only stipulation is the people who will eventually inhabit the apartments need to know they're in an industrial zone. Industrial Park was zoned for commercial operations, but Olsen said as long as residents are aware of this, they can rent property there.

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