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Brandon Jones said the biggest adjustment he’s made since becoming the Custer County Road and Bridge supervisor is the amount time he spends in the office. When he worked for the department previously, he didn’t have as much paperwork to handle or as many computer programs to learn.

After reading an ad in the Messenger that the Custer County Road and Bridge department needed a new supervisor, Brandon Jones figured his past experience would help him land the job.

“I used to work there for, oh, four and a half years,” Jones, said. “I thought it would be nice, having a steady job in the winter.” Jones left the county to start his own fencing company, and returned to working for the county on Dec. 14.

Now that he’s back working for the county in his new role, Jones said it has been interesting to see what’s different and what’s the same. The biggest change has been in the office. Still getting used to filling out paperwork and using certain computer programs, Jones admitted there’s a small learning curve. Another change has been in how he sees working for the county. In a leadership position, Jones said there is added pressure on making sure he does his job well.

However, much of the job remains the same, Jones said, and it ultimately comes down to trusting his employees to help him keep roads maintained. Right now, Jones said the focus has been on keeping county roads cleared of snow. This has been challenging, since the budget is tight and the number of employees and plows is limited. They do the best they can to clear snow off roads in the large county, but Jones realized early on he wasn’t going to make everyone happy.

Jones knows much will be asked of his employees, but’s he’s lucky in that regard. He’s known some of them for years, and says he can trust them to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Other than keeping snow off the roads, Jones said it’s been slow since he began the job. While this has given Jones time to catch up with office work, he expects it will pick up at some point, now that the holidays are over and all of his employees are back to work.