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Incumbent Challis school Trustee Trish Farr said if there was one thing she could change about the Challis school district, she would add more electives.

Farr wants to give students more options and possibilities. Like the music program school board members recently added, Farr said she would add electives like Spanish and art.

Another area Farr would like to expand is the work-release program. The program allows students to learn professional skills outside the classroom through hands-on experience. Farr wants to encourage more students to get out into the community and get experience in the real world.

"I'm glad for the community involvement," said Farr. "We have an amazing, supportive community and that's what really separates our school district from others."

Farr wants people to understand the role of the community and the school board. Community involvement is key to board members' ability to move funds where they are needed. She stressed that school board members only have control over policy and the budget. Day-to-day operations are handled by administrators and teachers, who are hired by the board.

"I don't have a degree in education, so that's why I hire people who do," said Farr.

Wages paid bus drivers drivers were recently increased, Farr said. She hopes this will make it easier to fill vacant bus driver positions.

Farr realizes that parents have to shoulder the burden when the school district can't afford certain things with its limited budget. However, she said during the past couple years board members have done a good job of keeping the school district financially viable.

"We're trying to offer as much as we can as a rural district," said Farr. "But the state needs to work on funding rural districts."

Farr is proud of the work the school district has done. She wants people to know the administrators and staff hired by board members are doing everything they can to help the students be successful.

"I think our teachers go above and beyond and help make sure our students are well prepared for post-high school life," said Farr.

Farr said despite the issues that come with working in a rural school district, she believes rural schools offer a better variety of training and education that isn't seen in other districts.

"Our kids are more well-rounded because of their location," said Farr. "Here they can learn welding, farming and other skills not available in other locations."

Farr is seeking re-election to a four-year board term. She is running against David Philps.