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Incumbent Stanley City Councilman Austin Clegg wants Stanley to remain as is because he doesn't want to see the town lose its authenticity.

"I can't think of anything off the top of my head," Clegg said when asked if there were any changes he would make to city government. "I want to try and keep true to our rustic nature."

Clegg was appointed to the council by Mayor Steve Botti when a council seat was vacated last year. Clegg said the council has worked hard in the past year to make sure Stanley runs as it always has.

He wants to keep the economy in the hands of the locals, but believes there is room for growth.

One way he said he is encouraging growth is by adding more parking in the city. He believes with more places to park business activity can pick up. He said the council is "on the right track" to solving parking issues.

Clegg said one way he intends help Stanley retain its authenticity is by sticking to the comprehensive plan. The plan details how the City Council intends to run the city and clarifies its stance on certain issues. It emphasizes property rights and the desire of the council to not allow future regulations to deprive an owner of all the economically viable uses of their property.

Clegg said he believes the plan will encourage the businesses in Stanley to help keep Stanley as it has always been.

The plan also details how Clegg and the rest of the council will try to retain Stanley's reputation of self-governance. Stanley is surrounded by the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, a federally controlled entity.

Since the adoption of the comprehensive plan 1976, Stanley has taken the stance that it should remain a self-governing municipality.

"The issue facing Stanley is it is important for Stanley to keep its authentic self," said Clegg. "I think we have done a good job so far."