Incumbent Challis school board trustee Trish Farr was returned to the board by voters Tuesday for a four-year term.

Farr received 44 votes. Her opponent, David Philps, garnered 33 votes. 

Voter turnout in the school board election was 24.1 percent, according to the Custer County Clerk's Office, with 77 voters casting ballots. All vote totals are unofficial until after the Nov. 12 canvass by Custer County commissioners. 

Turnout by precinct showed the heaviest percentage of voters coming from the Round Valley 2 precinct. Some 43.6 percent of voters -- 17 of the 39 registered voters -- in that precinct cast ballots. In Round Valley 1, 15 of the 83 registered voters cast ballots. One person registered in Round Valley 1 to vote at the polls. Turnout in that precinct was 17.9 percent.

In the Challis precinct, 36 ballots were cast by the 196 registered voters, an 18.4 percent turnout. Nine absentee ballots were cast in the school board race.

The three incumbent Challis city councilmen ran unopposed and were all returned to office. 

Scott Lamb tallied 113 votes, Chuck Felton received 107 votes and Travis Hardy garnered 106 votes. 

Voter turnout in the Challis city election was 16.1 percent, according to the report generated by the county clerk. Some 93 ballots were cast in Challis of the 577 registered voters. That number includes two people who registered to vote at the polling place.   

Absentee ballots aren't counted in the percentage for voter turnout in preliminary election results.