After rescinding Kelvin Krosch’s application to build employee housing in Mackay’s Industrial Park during their Aug. 10 meeting, Mackay City Council members approved the apartments at an Aug. 25 special meeting since Krosch came back with a special use application.

Krosch, owner of K Squared Construction and co-owner of Proud Source Water in Mackay, applied in July to build six studio apartments and a fabrication shop at the park. Because it is zoned for commercial use only, Mayor Wayne Olsen said any residential construction there requires a special use permit.

The reason council members rescinded the Mackay business owner’s application, according to Olsen, is because the city’s planning and zoning commission approved it without following the building code. They didn’t require Krosch to get a special use permit, which made his application to the Mackay council incomplete.

Mackay council members allowed Krosch to continue working on his shop, where construction workers will fabricate tiny homes, as that commercial operation fits within the park’s approved uses.

On Aug. 10, Councilman Dean Wall said there was another reason to hold construction of the apartments. As the council member responsible for Industrial Park, Wall said the city needed more clarification on who would be allowed to live in the apartments.

After the Aug. 25 meeting, Olsen said people are allowed to live in the park as long as they are employed in the industrial area. The mayor said the housing will be like a “hotel for employees,” where workers at the fabrication shop and for Proud Source can live while employed in Mackay.

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