Challis Library Director Becky Mitchell said there are ways to safely celebrate Halloween during the coronavirus pandemic, one of which is the physically distanced carnival that library staff has planned for the holiday.

“There won’t be snacks or drinks, just to be safe,” Mitchell said. “But it will still be a lot of fun.”

The plan is to spread six carnival games throughout the library from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 31, Mitchell said. Ending at 7 p.m. gives the kids plenty of time to get out and trick or treat afterward.

Classics like ring toss and bingo are on the slate, but they’ll be given a spooky twist.

“We’ll have pin the tail on the donkey, but it will be pin the mouth on the pumpkin,” Mitchell said.

Children will have a shot at earning toys and prizes from the games. Mitchell encouraged people to come try to win something, but she said library staff might have to turn some people away. Attendance at the carnival will be limited, with only a certain number of people allowed inside to ensure people can maintain proper physical distance from one another due to the coronavirus. People won’t be required to wear face coverings, she said, but visitors will be expected to maintain physical distance from one another.

“We’re going to be cautious and space everything out,” she said.

Mitchell thinks it’s important kids have fun on Halloween, but she said that fun needs to be balanced with health concerns. Custer County remains in the moderate-risk category for the transmission of COVID-19.

Mitchell suggested people explore other options for spreading fun on Halloween. Library workers, for example, set out a bucket of candy for kids to grab at every year. This contactless way of delivering the annual sugar rush might not be as fun as handing it out in person, but Mitchell said it gets the job done.