More water is being released from Mackay Reservoir this week, to drop the water level to offset incoming spring runoff, officials with the irrigation district and fish and game said in a news release.

The Big Lost Irrigation District water master notified Idaho Fish and Game personnel of the plan this week. The draw-down plan calls for opening the dam in small increments during the next several weeks. As water is released from the dam, the water levels in the reservoir may fluctuate, according to James Brower with Fish and Game. That causes the reservoir ice to break and it quickly deteriorates. 

"Typically the edges of the ice will fall apart first and become increasingly unsafe as the water level lowers," Brower said.

People who still have their ice fishing huts on the reservoir should remove them soon, Fish and Game Conservation Officer Steve Roberts said, "before conditions become unsafe to do so." He urges anglers to use caution as they remove huts.

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