The grease was piping hot and the batter fresh inside the mobile Myron’s Famous Donuts stand set up on the grounds of the Clayton Museum on Labor Day.

Outside, the line was long as people waited for their fresh doughnuts, made just once this year by proprietor Myron Combs. Customers nabbed the boxes of goodies handed out through a small window by the volunteer crew and most started chomping away immediately.

There were glazed, twists, maple bars and chocolate frosted doughnuts to choose from, but most customers just asked for a mix of all types, saying it was too hard to choose just one option.

Combs and two of his grandsons were the official cooks, whipping out 1,140 doughnuts in half a day. They made 80 dozen raised doughnuts and 15 dozen cake doughnuts. Proceeds from the $1 apiece pastries benefit the Clayton Museum, of which Combs is the board president. Labor Day was the last day the museum had scheduled hours for the season. But people can call the posted phone numbers for private tours if they stop by in the off-season.

While people meandering about with fistfuls of doughnuts seemed amazed that Combs could cook more than 1,000 of the delights in about six hours, he scoffed at that puny number. One day when he worked at an Albertsons store, he and his co-workers kicked out 900 dozen doughnuts — 10,800, son Darrell Combs said.

“Once I made 1,200 cherry pies for Washington’s birthday,” Myron said.