Beginning Jan. 1 vehicle owners in Idaho will be required to prove they’ve had two auto insurance for at least two consecutive insurance in order to register their autos.

The new rule imposed by the Idaho Transportation Department is designed to establish a stronger standard of financial responsibility, according to the ITD website.

Failure to provide proof of insurance for 30 days after a warning from ITD will result in a suspension of registration. Suspension can be lifted with proof of insurance and payment of a $75 suspension fee.

Kirk Chester, founder of Grit Insurance in Challis, said the rule is good for responsible drivers.

“I think good consumers who drive protected will benefit because it’ll uncover something they missed or lapsed on,” said Chester. “It’ll help people catch those vehicles they own that aren’t insured.”

It will also result in an increase in the number of liability policy holders. Liability insurance is the most basic form of car insurance the state requires. Chester said the point of liability is to protect people who get hurt by someone’s actions on the road and that it is everyone’s “civic duty to help people when we hurt them.”