When Challis City Council members found out someone dragged a large rock into the bathroom at city park and smashed the toilet with it, they became upset.

“Who would do something like that?” Councilman Chuck Felton asked at the Oct. 8 council meeting.

Mayor Mike Barrett told the council until city workers finish looking at hours of security footage, they won’t know. In a later interview, Barrett said the vandalism occurred sometime between Friday, Oct. 2 and Tuesday, Oct. 6. The Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

Based on leads from nearby residents, “we’re relatively confident it was some young kids,” the mayor said. He told council members as much, all of whom expressed relief when Barrett and city worker Cameron Davis reported the new park bathroom is already on its way.

The $200,000 project to replace the city park bathroom with a handicap-accessible facility began last year. A walking path that leads to an improved parking lot is part of the project.

Originally the plan was to have the project done and the pre-fab bathroom installed in August. However, because the coronavirus pandemic interrupted the supply chain of building materials across the country, construction didn’t start until early October.

Concrete for the walkway has been poured. Next will come the foundation for the bathroom, along with installation of utility lines.

Once that’s accomplished, Barrett said it will be a “hurry up and wait” situation until the pre-fabricated structure, built by Mountain West Precast is delivered in December. The project should be fully complete by the end of the year, the mayor said.