Steele Memorial Auxiliary Treasurer Pat Stokes and Vice President Judy Peck are seen with Lori Kohls, director of the new pediatric therapy program at Steele Therapy Connections.

The newest line of services offered at Steele Therapy Connections in Salmon — pediatric physical therapy — received a $2,000 donation from the Steele Memorial Auxiliary.

It’s the first of a three-year pledge for a $6,000 total donation to the program. The money will help pay for new equipment used in the therapy programs. Already this year a climbing wall, therapeutic swings and chairs designed specifically for children have been purchased.

The new pediatric therapy program is led by Lori Kohls who brings more than 10 years of physical therapy experience to the position. Kohls has a background in inpatient, neonatal intensive care, outpatient and on-site schools work.

According to a news release from Steele Memorial Medical Center, children who require physical therapy due to congenital disorders or injuries should find the new program especially beneficial.

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