sawtooth bridge replacement 10.14

Brad Grohusky, Kirk Flannigan and Dalton Warr move a boulder as part of the project to build ramps to access a bridge on Redfish Lake Creek.

The Grand Mogul bridge across the Redfish Lake Creek inlet has been replaced through a cooperative venture of Redfish Lake Lodge, the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and the Sawtooth Society.

The old bridge washed out in 2017 and a new bridge was installed in the fall of 2019. This summer ramps were added to each end of the bridge. The ramps were built by hand.

The ramps allow access to Lily Pond and Waterfall trail, Redfish Creek Canyon and the Garden of the Giants.

Funding for the project came from $10,000 donated by Redfish Lake Lodge, a $67,500 grant from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, $12,500 from the Sawtooth Society’s license plate fund and $12,500 in labor from the Forest Service.