Since the chainsaw they use to cut up fallen trees no longer functions, county commissioners told Custer County Road and Bridge workers it's OK to buy a new saw.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Brandon Jones said they want a 400 series Husqvarna to replace the "old saw that died on us." According to Jones, that saw costs about $600. He expects it to be used by his employees for eight to 10 years. 

When heavy storms hit the county and blow trees onto roads, Jones and his crew have to cut up the wood to get it out of the way. This happens about every two or three weeks, Jones said, and more often in the summer.

"It's one of those tools you don't use very much, but when you do it's really nice to have," Jones said about a chainsaw. A chainsaw is nice to have because it also saves money on the department's energy bill, Jones said. Some of the wood is used to heat the department shop. Burning what they cut up helps offset the cost of using propane as a heat source, Jones said.

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