Deep in the royal swamp, a selfish princess makes a promise to befriend a lonely frog after he retrieves her golden ball from a well. But what happens when the princess tries every trick in the book to break her promise?

The local cast of “The Frog Prince,” includes Megan Gregory and Caden Kestler as the frog, Zoe Gardner as Ollie the aspen tree, Amadeus McConnell as Bert, as well as Aurora Sunday as promise-breaker Princess Prim. Her sisters Princess Proper and Princess Peppy are played by Makayla Schmuck and Azia Yeomans.

Annie Steen Louderback, Jaylei Waite, Robert Hardy, Kade Beason, Cheyenne Beason, Mackenzie Sigsby, Athena Reese,and Abi Laws play the roles of bumbling knights. Abraham Foster, Parker Banks, Danika Wolfenbarger, Jaden Shanafelt, Clay Haeberle, Julia Banks, Sabina Bennetts, Madeline Smith, Emily Bryant, Madeline Hinkle, Parley Banks, Callie Jones and Blake Lafeen make up the slimy, yet kindly group of swamp things.

The flashy flamingos are Victoria Savage, Shay Runnels, Jordan Shippy, Aspyn Henk, Josie Jensen, Marcy Gregory, Kenzie Tappan and Taycey Runnels. Josie Bennetts, Alexius Sigsby, Kennady Hill and Kaylee Schmuck lead the way as the ducks.

Peyton Runnels, as the busy fly, tries to make a quick escape from the mischievous Venus fly traps, played by Malcolm Smith, Quincy Laughlin, Natalie Weishausen, McKay Banks, Tarn D’Angelo, Bella Evans, Kamden Beason, Karsen Shanafelt and Logen Kestler. Paige Lanier and Drake Beason are assistant directors.

“The Frog Prince” is scheduled to be presented at 3 and 7 p.m. Saturday, April 6, at the Challis Middle School auditorium. It’s a Missoula Children’s Theatre production. Tickets are available at the door.

More information is available from Stephanie Strand at 208-221-8298.

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