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Jan Bennetts, a Challis High School graduate, speaks to Challis Elementary School students. Bennetts is the Ada County prosecuting attorney. She discussed the law and trials with the students.

Ada County Prosecuting Attorney Jan Bennetts spoke to Erika Cotant’s gifted reading class at Challis Elementary School in April.

The students had read John Grisham’s novel “Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer.” This year students in the gifted reading class have learned about the Constitution and they wanted to learn more about law. Grisham’s novel really developed their curiosity, Cotant said.

Luckily, Bennetts was able to fit the classroom visit into her schedule. She discussed jury selection and the chain of evidence in a trial. The students loved all the new information she shared with them, Cotant said.

Bennetts has been the prosecuting attorney in Ada County since November 2014. Prior to that, she was a deputy Ada County prosecutor for 20 years. Bennetts grew up in Challis and graduated from Challis High School.

She told the students she loves to help her childhood community and was thrilled at the opportunity to teach students about law. Bennetts also helped the students prepare for their April 8 mock trial. Her knowledge of law eased the class into the trial by making the students more aware of what to expect, Cotant said.

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