Because Challis students still aren’t allowed to congregate in large groups, Challis schools Superintendent Lani Rembelski said the end-of-the-year awards ceremony was postponed and will be held in the fall.

“We’ll do it as a kick-off for next year,” Rembelski said.

School officials are planning for a normal year of school for the 2020-21 year, Rembelski said. Soon, Maintenance Director Bob Williams will be begin a deep clean of Challis schools to prepare for their eventual reopening. Rembelski said the summer deep clean happens every year, but Williams will be especially thorough this time around.

This school year is ending much the same as it has in the past. Teachers got their grades in and report cards will be mailed out.

Rembelski said one thing that will carry over from this year is online learning. Students won’t rely on it for their main form of education, but it could be a useful tool in certain situations. If a student is sick or absent from the building because of sports, Rembelski said they can access Microsoft Teams to see what they missed. The remote school arrangement used for a couple of months also allowed teachers to become more familiar with teaching online. Teachers are prepared to do some form of it next year, if need be.

“It could make for a wonderful piece to educate students,” Rembelski said.

Rembelksi is proud of how students and teachers handled learning during a pandemic. Teachers in a particular were “outstanding” because they put in the time and effort to learn how to teach via computer.