Challis Junior and Senior High School students heard from Monte Stiles during Red Ribbon Week, Oct. 29-Nov. 1.

Stiles, a former federal prosecutor turned motivational speaker, encourages youths to be drug-free and "attain a natural high for themselves," Challis High School Counselor Ang Sugden said.

Stiles "is a great speaker and example for our students as he impressed upon them how they could be spending time doing something they are passionate about that is a fun, drug-free activity," she said. Stiles spends much of his time taking wildlife photos.

During Red Ribbon Week students were greeted each morning by a community stakeholder and given materials encouraging them to be drug-free. Drug and alcohol trivia contests were held twice a day. A duck dash in Garden Creek wrapped up the week.

"It is always our quest to provide a safe place for our students to learn. This includes providing prevention education as well as fun drug-free activities," Sugden said.

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