Yellowstone trip

Challis sixth-graders braved all types of weather to gather samples on a recent educational field trip to Yellowstone National Park. The youths are seen in the Norris Geyser Basin.

Challis sixth-graders trekked through parts of Yellowstone National Park in October as part of the Expedition:Yellowstone program.

The outdoor education program is based at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch in the northeastern part of Yellowstone.

Students spent two days in the field. On day 1, they visited hydrothermal areas inside the park. Youths collected temperature and pH data from geysers, hot springs and fumaroles in Norris Geyser Basin and at Mammoth Hot Springs, Challis teacher Pam Wilson said. They compared their findings from the two regions.

The weather wasn’t great, with some snow, rain and wind, but the students “remained curious, focused and positive all day,” Wilson said.

On the way back to the cabins where the group stayed, youths got to watch a herd of bison make its way through camp. Some of the animals scratched their sides on the bus — while students were inside — and plenty of scat was left behind as the bison headed up the mountain, Wilson said.

Day 2 of the trip involved learning about coniferous trees and a hands-on experiment to learn about the use of camouflage by predators and prey. Students crawled through and hid in a sagebrush meadow for the lesson.

This year’s trip marked the fourth expedition by Challis students, Wilson said.

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