Challis student athletes will ride on the district’s coach-style activity buses to district and state tournaments only after school board members chose to limit use of those buses. Board members also approved the purchase of a new yellow activity bus.

School trustees followed recommendations from Superintendent Lani Rembelski’s about the buses. She spoke with Transportation Director Blain Aldous and considered the comments made at a public hearing last month before making her recommendations.

At the July hearing, Aldous pointed out that trips on coach buses don’t qualify for the 85 percent reimbursement state officials give for all busing related items in the budget. He and Rembelski reported that in the last three years, using coach buses has meant the Challis district didn’t receive between $53,000 and $68,000 annually in reimbursements.

School board members also approved bus routes for the upcoming school year. Starting Monday, Aug. 30, a bus driver will stop on Lone Pine Lane to pick up one student, which will add 3 miles to that trip. There will also be a stop at the Stephen’s Gulch subdivision to pick up a new third-grader, Aldous told board members.

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