The Mackay High School gym will soon have a new 8-foot-long scorer’s table with an LED screen on its front.

Mackay Booster Club member Teri Whitworth told school board members the club has collected $4,000 of the $6,500 for the table and a plan to sell advertising to pay the balance and earn more money.

The large front screen can show player stats and game scores and display advertisements, Whitworth told board members. Along with one-time ads for things like prom proposals and announcements, Whitworth described the table as eventually becoming “a continual source of income for the school district.”

The style of table the club members want to buy range in price from $4,000 to $12,000, she learned from officials with Sideline Interactive in Houston, which sells the table Whitworth plans to order. The table can sync with scoreboards and music systems, Whitworth said, and the front screen can show player clips and other images. In case of emergencies, the table has a one-button system that can put out an alarm, she said.

Whitworth said it will take four to six weeks for the table to arrive in Mackay once it’s ordered. Whitworth said she’d like to see the table used at some volleyball games this fall.

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