With her first year as the Mackay School District’s lone principal nearly under her belt, Stephanie Green was rehired by school board members at their March 8 meeting.

“She’s done great,” Superintendent Susan Buescher said after the meeting. “She has a lot of loyalty to this district and the families here.”

Green’s salary was increased by 4 percent for next year, to $66,040. Buescher said Green has earned every cent. As Green transitioned from being a teacher to an administrator, she did so amidst the coronavirus pandemic. With the pandemic forcing district staff to constantly change how they operate, Buescher said Green had a lot to learn on the fly.

“Every time we made a plan, we knew it had holes in it,” Green said in an interview. “It was rough, but everyone at both schools are awesome and that made it easier.”

If wasn’t for her supportive and patient staff, Green believes her first year would been worse. Having to work around health mandates, hybrid schedules and COVID-19 outbreaks made a difficult job much more challenging, she said. However, because she and her teachers, fellow administrators and other staff members were going through it together, Green said they could share the load. This gave her room to adjust to her new job.

Before signing on last year to be principal, Buescher said Green spent the prior year as a part-time, assistant principal. That experience helped, but Green’s willingness to work hard for Mackay students and support the community she grew up in is probably what helped her the most this school year, according to Buescher.