A full list of COVID-19 recommendations for high school fall sports in Idaho won't be released until July 1, but the virus has already prompted some changes, according to Challis schools Superintendent Lani Rembelski.

Challis High Principal Kari Alexander told school board members a no-contact rule, which limits the amount of time student athletes can be in contact with their coaches, continues to be in effect. 

"They can't have any organized practices or camps" between Aug. 1-9, Alexander said, "but they can still do conditioning." Alexander told board members that along with conditioning and weightlifting, players and coaches can attend team meetings and participate in team-building exercises.

Rembelski explained in a separate interview the no-contact rule was put in place by the Idaho High School Activities Association because some teams were holding many training camps. That gave some schools an advantage if they could afford more training. And, Rembelski said, it was difficult for parents to schedule family vacations around training schedules. 

Having a dedicated week before school starts where student athletes aren't allowed to meet with their coaches evens the playing field and allows them a chance to relax, but Rembelski said the coronavirus necessitated a change.

Now, because school administrators have no idea what the fall semester will look like, activities association board members chose to allow for some interaction between players and coaches during the first week of August.

Practices and games are still up in the air, Rembelski said. Fall sporting events haven't been canceled, but that possibility remains.

"As soon as we find out more, we'll share that with the public," Rembelski said.