Amber Bucknell Mackay FFA blood drive 2.5

Amber Bucknell, a student teacher in Mackay, was one of 25 people who donated blood at last month’s blood drive organized by Mackay FFA members.

Mackay FFA members held their annual blood drive on Jan. 21.

“This year was the best as we had more people than any of the past years,” Aspyn Wasylow said. She is chairwoman of the blood drive committee. This year’s goal was to get 23 donors and 25 people donated.

A bonus was no one passed out.

FFA members promoted the blood drive and contacted potential donors. Personnel from the American Red Cross brought supplies, equipment and trained professionals to draw blood.

Every year the blood drive committee prepares a new FFA member to help with the blood drive. Rylee Teichert, one of the trainees, said, “I liked getting to interact with all the people in our community.”

Mackay FFA members have hosted 18 drives with 503 donors giving more than 465 units of blood since the project began.