Challis school board members have awarded contracts for fuel, propane and garbage collection for the coming school year.

Salmon River Propane will provide heat for the buildings. The price of propane was ca[[ed at 95 cents a gallon and labor costs will be $40 per hour. All propane tanks will be supplied free as will the propane company’s yearly inspection.

Board members went with Blue Mountain Refuse to remove trash from Challis, Patterson and Clayton schools and Clear Creek Disposal for the Stanley School. The Blue Mountain Refuse contract is for $1,044.03 a month. Dumpsters at the closed Patterson School and Clayton Elementary, both of which the district owns, will be emptied as needed for $87 and $51, respectively.

Clear Creek will empty the Dumpster at the school in Stanley twice a month for $37.46 per dump.

Board members accepted a bid from Kimble Oil and Gas for gas and diesel at prices of $1.74 per gallon for gasoline and $1.51 per gallon for diesel.